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Terms of Service

NOTE: By creating a Game/Forum account with XiahRX.com you now comply to the below Terms of Service.

This website XiahRX.com may contain content which you do not agree to or may not understand. XiahRX.com may also be referred to as Xiah Resurgence or Xiah RX.
If you persist on exploring this web domain be aware that any person or party with relation(association) to Onlinegame.com, Taewool Entertainment, Xiah Studio, and Hero Studio are not allowed here to view our content.
Any person who would disclose information of this websites private features to any corporation/company or any entity (including Onlinegame.com, Taewool Entertainment, Xiah Studio. and Hero Studio) are not allowed to view content here. This domain is privately owned and operated with no commercial application or gain. If you use our links or downloads, you fully comply and agree to any and all terms on this website.
Upon accepting the terms of service you also agree that any rules, notices and or content may change at owner's discretion.


Please note that anyone working for, working with, or otherwise affiliated with the following:

-Taewool Entertainment
-Xiah Studio
-Hero Studio

Is not entitled to use or view our products. If you are affiliated with any of the aforementioned companies or corporations, please direct your browser away from this page immediately.
Anyone from the aforementioned companies who persists into entering the website past this prompt will have a victim impact statement filed against them as per the NET Act of 1997, section (d)(1), paragraph (2), subsection (A).
In short: No one from "Onlinegame.com", "Taewool Entertainment", "Xiah Studio" or "Hero Studio" ,
associated with "Onlinegame.com", "Taewool Entertainment", "Xiah Studio" or "Hero Studio"
or any such affiliated company or anyone directed by "Onlinegame.com", "Taewool Entertainment", "Xiah Studio" or "Hero Studio" or its Related companies is permitted to enter these web sites or view any content contained within these sites at any time what so ever due to controversial reasons.

If any information is disclosed from this website to any corporation/company or any entity. It would violate the terms and agreements to this website. The information would have been obtained illegally and is not admissible in a court of law.

Some information viewed on this website may contain vulgar material that you may not be familiar with or which you do not want to be seen. You also agree that you are above the age of twelve and/or have parental consent to visit this webpage.

By accepting this agreement you become a guest to this private web domain so long as you do not violate any terms and agreements listed. And you agree to respect all staff members of said web domain. Failure to do so will result in a loss of service.

By Purchasing game credits from Xiah Resurgence you agree to the rules, conditions and terms of service stated above and below. We will not give refunds unless there is a technical difficulty with a purchase for example (Stolen Credit Card) which in case must show valid evidence. We reserve the right to ban, delete, or perform any actions necessary if one of your characters/accounts break the rules implicitly stated or in any special case that is deemed worthy of these actions. You can be granted a refund within 24 hours of your purchase with a valid reason and proof. Any form of Fraud or Scam attempts will be reported to authorities and your payments providers to take action.

Please note that any account made for the use of Xiah Resurgence for any of its services, including but not limited to forum accounts, and game accounts, are property of XiahRX.com and thus may be terminated and at any time with or without reason. By using an account, you are borrowing the service from us and we hold the right to reclaim it at any time we wish. Please also note that by donating or purchasing you are NOT buying your account from us, merely showing your appreciation for our service, and as such you are still subject to rules and regulations set forth by the staff of Xiah Resurgence.

When borrowing an account from XiahRX.com, you hereby agree that its security and safety is YOUR responsibility, and thus you will be held accountable for any actions which are done to or from your account. You also agree that you are aware that giving out your password may compromise the security of your account, and that upon telling another person your password, you fully accept any consequences which may come of such. You agree to acknowledge that if you receive a file from anywhere except an official Xiah Resurgence distributor, it may contain a malicious software known as a "Key logger", and that Xiah Resurgence will not be held responsible for the consequences which may come from downloading these programs from outside sources. You agree to acknowledge that Xiah Resurgence and XiahRX.com have taken the utmost measures to protect your account on our end, and that being hacked by definition is nearly impossible and extremely unlikely, you therefore agree to take full fault unless we can confirm that it was an issue on our end.

As the account is not your property, you may NOT sell a Xiah Resurgence or XiahRX.com account under any circumstances. "Scams" which take place in the event of a trade or sale will not be reimbursed, and any account which is found to have been sold or traded will be suspended indefinitely, anyone found to be profiting from sales of accounts will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. Protecting the privacy of all of our users and particularly children who may visit our site is an ongoing commitment of XiahRX.com and Xiah Resurgence. Xiah Resurgence wants to provide for the safety and security of all of our members while using our website. Also included in this privacy policy are all other internet accessible services provided under the Xiah Resurgence name and marks. Our privacy policy has been created so that you are informed of the information Xiah Resurgence may gather about you when you visit our websites, how Xiah Resurgence may use this information, how and when we may disclose this information to others and how you can control the use of this information. You should be made aware of how you can modify or correct your information and how you can limit the disclosure of your personal information on the Internet. To accomplish this, Xiah Resurgence has established registration, sign-in procedures, and this Privacy Policy, to protect the privacy of information provided to Xiah Resurgence by its visitors and members while using the Xiah Resurgence. Please take a few moments to read this agreement. By accessing the Xiah Resurgence website, you agree to accept the terms and conditions of this Privacy Policy and are aware that our policies may evolve in the future as indicated below. From time to time, we may add new sites, game services and related forums that may not be listed above, but they will provide a link to this Policy and will be governed by its terms.

What information do we collect and who is collecting it?
When you join the Xiah Resurgence website, game service or related forum, you are asked to provide limited personal identifier information to become a member. This type of information includes your name, home or other address, E-Mail addresses, telephone numbers or other information that tells another person about you. We also collect personal information from you in the event that you contribute information, data, text, software, artwork, character art, images, music, sounds, photographs, graphics, video, messages, or other materials (collectively, the "Content") to the Xiah Resurgence website, if for no other reason than to give you, the contributor, credit by name. We also collect information about each member's use of Xiah Resurgence features and any survey responses or information regarding our users' interests and preferences. We want to make our policy regarding using this information very clear and concise. Xiah Resurgence will not distribute, sell or rent any of the personal information you have provided to us without providing to you prior notice of our intention to do so and a clear opportunity for you to prevent any such disclosure. Wherever possible, there will be a link to this privacy policy on every website page where personal information might be displayed or stored. You should also be aware that some websites that link to our site may also collect personal information about you (see "Cookies" section below). We cannot make any representations regarding the information privacy practices of those websites. You should also remember that any voluntary disclosure of personal information through E-Mail and in public-view uploaded materials can be seen and possibly used by others. Displaying personal information in such public fashion via our website or services may have unintended privacy implications for you. We encourage you to always remain aware of this possibility. In summary, Xiah Resurgence encourages you to use common sense and be cautious about what information you may provide on-line, whether through our websites or elsewhere on the Internet. With this approach and awareness, you can safely and enjoyably use and benefit from your Internet experience.

What about cookies?
Cookies are used to store and track various types of information about Xiah Resurgence users. A cookie is a small piece of data that our web service sends to your browser and is stored on your computer's hard drive. Cookies help us estimate the size of our audience. We use cookies to tell us what features of our website you visit most as well as what features on the site you do not visit. But again for your comfort, Xiah Resurgence never shares or provides any personal identifier information to any other party.

How do we use the information we collect?
We have no hidden agenda regarding our use of your personal information. Our primary goal is to provide members with the most useful and enjoyable experience on the Internet. Unaffiliated third parties who license from us any Content you post on our website will never be privy to your personal user account information. Your E-Mail address may be used in order for us to send notices about new features, products, or other information that your personal information tells us might interest you, but we never share it with or provide it to others. Xiah Resurgence websites are constantly evolving and changing in content and in features. Member-use information helps guide such changes and the evolution of our websites. The use of personal information in these ways allows us to provide a constantly evolving and user-sensitive package of services, products, and features that satisfy member needs, wants and desires but always with the priority of protecting individual member privacy. Every member should be aware that personal information may be legally and rightfully disclosed when it is required by law or when we are protecting Xiah Resurgence's rights or property or the rights or property of other Xiah Resurgence members, if we have reason to believe that other parties may be interfering with your or our rights and property.

Is the information secure?
You are asked to choose a member ID and password when you join our website. Your password is known only to you unless you disclose it to others. We highly recommend that you do not disclose your password to anyone. Also, if there are others who use your computer, you should always sign-out/log out of the Xiah Resurgence site and close your browser window when you are done using the Internet. Signing out/logging out helps protect your information if you are using a computer in a public place such as a library. At Xiah Resurgence, using the latest security hardware, software and operating procedures, we make every attempt to protect the privacy of your personal information stored in the Xiah Resurgence computer systems. However, in honesty you should be aware that there is no data that is transmitted over the Internet that can be guaranteed 100% secure in transmission or safe from theft or illegal acquisition. We will always do our best to protect against such occurrences.

How do I edit my personal information?
All of your personal information is located in your personal profile. Your profile can be edited at any time once you have signed in with your ID and password. Simply login to the "Member Section" to change your information. (To be edited)

Our Commitment to Children's Privacy.
We at Xiah Resurgence take the online safety of children very seriously. The website is designed and maintained for an audience at 18 years old and above. For this reason every member registration asks for date of birth and our best efforts are made to insure the integrity of our minimum age policy. The Children's Online Privacy Protection Act ("COPPA") requires that we inform parents and legal guardians about how we collect, use, and disclose personal information from children under 13 years of age. Although the Xiah Resurgence website is not directed at children under 13 years of age, we recognize that with proper adult supervision some parents might permit their children to visit and utilize the site. COPPA requires that we obtain the consent of parents and guardians in order for children under 13 years of age to use certain features of the website. When your child attempts to register and/or provide personal information to Xiah Resurgence, we require a parent or legal guardian to complete the registration review our privacy policy and to submit a valid credit card number to verify that the child's parent or guardian knows about and authorizes our information practices related to children protected by COPPA. Once parental notice and consent has been verified, the information we collect will be treated the same as information collected from any other user of the Xiah Resurgence website. Without verified parental notice and consent, we will not knowingly collect personal information of children under 13 years of age, and if we learn that we have inadvertently collected such information, we will promptly delete it. In compliance with COPPA, parents and legal guardians may request us to review, delete or stop the collection of the personally identifiable information of their child. You may do so in one of two ways.

If you would like to review the information collected, please mail us at admin@XiahRX.com

We are also not affiliated with any of the already named organizations/companies or to put it straight any association, organization or company that is related to any of the content hosted here at Xiah Resurgence. This is strictly a fan based development association.