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  1. A rule about voting that does not apply yet and will be updated later
  2. Respect Staff. We spend a lot of time making this the best experience for you. Please at least give us the courtesy of respect.
  3. The usage of scripts and/or any tools or addons is prohibited.
  4. Do not use any hacks, exploits and any other form of cheats.
  5. A rule about amount of accounts to be owned and online,is set to 4. Any more than that will cause us to delete one of those accounts.
  6. Do not exploit bugs! If you encounter any bug, report it. THIS MEANS ANY BUG. You will be banned for exploiting bugs, I don't want to hear "it's your fault for putting it in the game". These exploits are not intentionally in the game and abusing them is against our rules.
  7. Do not advertise for other private servers, websites, products or services.
  8. Do not spam players in any way.
  9. Don't pretend to be a GM and don't use an account or character name similar to a GM.
  10. Don't waste GM's time. Seriously.. we don't have time for your bullshit.
  11. No begging GMs for items/gold/favors.
  12. A rule about racism and other offensive conduct that is still to be written, will be updated soon.
  13. DO NOT use racist, sexist, or any other form of hate speech. Not for your clan, yourself, your pet, or for whatever, just DONT! We will punish you, and yes we also know a lot more languages than just english. You have been warned!